Eats: Taco

  • Some of the most poignant words have just four letters, like “love” and “hope” and “taco.” Among these, taco ranks paramount, especially if that taco comes from White Duck Taco Shop. What could be more hope-inspiring than looking forward to chowing down on your favorite folded fancy on White Duck’s sunny patio? What more is love than the devotion of White Duck’s cooks, who prepare their great savories the same way, every time? White Duck gives us taco for a better tomorrow, and fills our hearts with taco for our fellow man. — E.P.

    White Duck Taco Shop

    1 Roberts St. Asheville NC

  • Mamacita's

    77-A Biltmore Ave., Asheville NC

  • Papa’s and Beer

    17 Tunnel Road, Asheville NC
    1996 Hendersonville Road, and other locations

    255-2204 and 684-4882