Personal Services: Car repair

  • Best of WNC Hall Of Fame!

    According to its website, “The Organic Mechanic began with a jack and a bag of tools in May of 2004.” Within two years, the Haywood Road auto shop won the 2006 Best of WNC poll for car repair — a position it has maintained since. Organic Mechanic offers a comprehensive range of services, such as oil changes and tune-ups, but with an added element of broader responsibility. “Reducing our impact on the environment is a top priority,” says the website. “It’s clear that we can’t keep following our current road. Maybe one day all mechanics will be just a little bit more organic.” — J.B.

    Organic Mechanic

    568 Haywood Road

  • Xpertech

    1295 Tunnel Road


  • Mostly Automotive

    253 Biltmore Ave.